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Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D. is a long time karate practitioner who wanted his children to "grow up safe and strong". He, his wife and their four children founded Pinewood Karate in 1989. Today Pinewood Karate is the most established martial art school in the Napa Valley. Pinewood Karate is a highly effective martial art that teaches all aspects of self-defense including defensive blocks, counter strikes, kicks, throws, joint locking and ground grappling.
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Pinewood is not your average martial art school.
Pinewood Karate is the only martial art school in the Napa Valley voted in the Top 200 Schools in North America.

Pinewood Karate was the first Napa Valley School to have a web site on the World Wide Web.

Pinewood Karate is the only Martial Art School that trains Black Belt Healers.

Pinewood Karate has continually supported Napa Valley non-profit foundations for nearly two decades.

Pinewood Karate was the first martial art school in Napa to teach a complete system that includes both stand up and ground self-defense.

Pinewood Karate is the first martial art school in the Napa Valley to offer Yoga as part of the curriculum.

Pinewood Karate is the only Napa Valley School headed by a physician who is also a martial art master.

Pinewood Karate has trained martial artists from all walks of life including police, fire fighters, doctors, lawyers and military personal as well as many others.
We know that good parents like you want the very best for your child. It is only natural that you want your child to 'grow up safe and strong'. You are aware that regular exercise along with a healthy diet will help. You want your child to feel safe and secure.
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