Safe And Strong

e know that good parents like you want the very best for your child. It is only natural that you want your child to "grow up safe and strong".
You are aware that regular exercise along with a healthy diet will help. You want your child to feel safe and secure. You also want your child to be well disciplined and feel confident. Parents like you have often asked us, "How can my child learn effective self-defense skills? What is the best exercise for my child? Where can my child learn and develop positive character traits? What activity will help my child do better in school?"

At Pinewood Karate we can help. We have been teaching effective self-defense in a friendly, family atmosphere since 1989. Pinewood Karate is the only Napa Valley martial art school selected in the Top 200 schools in North America. Regular exercise at Pinewood Karate will help your child develop a strong, flexible and healthy body.
Your child will learn the very best self-defense skills that will help build confidence and self esteem. Napa Valley parents trust Pinewood Karate. Isn't it time to let us help your child? Give us a call today at: (707) 253-9643. We look forward to helping your child "grow up safe and strong".

Daniel E. Andrews III, M.D.

From left to right : Megan Andrews, Averyl Andrews, Daniel Andrews IV, Lauren Andrews and our dog Yoshi.

Dr. Andrews is the founder of Pinewood Karate, Black Belt Healers and the Napa Valley School of Massage. He has authored two online massage courses and is in private medical practice in California's Napa Valley. He and his wife Laurie have four adult children. He can be reached at: